annotated bibliography worksheet

Annotated Bibliography Worksheet. An annotated bibliography is a formal bibliography, which includes 3-4 sentences about each source. The annotation describes the usefulness of the source and the type of information provide by the source on the topic.
Part 1: Practice Citations. Example of an APA citation: Magazine Article found in CSUN database. Daniels, E. (2010). Welcome to the Classroom: Ten Tips for Teaching College Freshmen. College & Research Library News, 78(5) 424-425. Retrieved from Practice citation here: Part 2: Practice annotations.
For a journal article: Author's last name__________________, first name___________________. Title of article “______ .” Title of journal____________________. vol._____ no. _____ year (____): pgs.___-___. Print. For a chapter from a book: Author's last name_________________, first name_________________.
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY WORKSHEET. Directions: Research one source you can use for your research paper and fill out this worksheet for the book, website, article, or video you choose. SOURCE #______. CIRCLE ONE: PRIMARY or SECONDARY. WHAT IS YOUR TOPIC:
Daniels, Erin. “Welcome to the Classroom: Ten Tips for Teaching College Freshmen.” College & Research Libraries News, vol. 71, no. 8, Sept. 2010, pp. 424-425. Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson), Practice citation here: Part 2: Practice annotations.
EG 102 Annotated Bibliography Worksheet. Currency: How recently was the information created or posted? • What date was the information made available? • Has the information been updated or revised? • Is the information too old for your need? • Do the links associated with the source work? Relevance: How appropriate
Fill out this worksheet as you save and read articles for the Annotated Bibliography assignment. What is your topic area for your research project? What are the key concepts or variables you want to study? Try to name all the possible key search words you can think of. Do a keyword search on your proposed topic using
Miss K.'s English 9: Annotated Bibliography Worksheet.
Annotated Bibliography Worksheet. Instructions: Print this document using the "print" command in your browser. Using a colored pen, correct all the mistakes in the sample annotated bibliography below. Read the sentences under each bibliographical citation. Do they give you a sense of how the student plans to use them?

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